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    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+)
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    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+)
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    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+)
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    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+)
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    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+)
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    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+)
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    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+)

Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+)

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$33.95$36.95 Inc.GST

-Medical grade PPSU material, BPA free.
-Microwave/Dishwasher Safe, multiple ways of disinfection
-Shatter Proof, Leak Proof
-Liquid silicone soft teat.

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-PPSU straw cup from 6 month old, capacity 300ml, BPA free
-New release colours, Grosmimi PPSU Premium Dark Series-Charcoal, White, Cream Beige
-“+” cut prevents any leaks from the bottle, innovative 2-ways of using which allows baby to drink while sitting down(with tube), or to drink while leaning back(without the tube)
-Air valve prevents back flows
-The premium quality of silicone offers safety without any environmental hormones,LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) teat with 20 degrees softer, teat material softer compare with other brands, the smoothness of the straw protects baby’s teeth or gum
-Can be transformable to feeding bottle or feeding bottle with straw( nipple teat or straw training kit need to be purchased separately)
-Wide neck, very easy to clean, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, hot water disinfection safe
-360° Ergonomic Handle Turning (The handle-rotation prevents unscrewing the ring and spilling when baby shakes the handle of the bottle, also prevents an injury such as spraining baby’s wrists, free handle allows mother to rotate the bottle while baby is holding the handle.)
-Drop Resistant

Country of Origin Korea


-Always use this product with adult supervision.

-Never use straw teats as a soother.

-Continuous and prolonged sucking of fluids will cause tooth decay.

-Always check food temperature before feeding.

-Inspect before each use and pull the feeding teat in all directions. throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness.

-Do not leave in disinfectant for longer than recommended, as this may weaken the teat.

-Please wash before using. Before first use place a feeding teat in boiling water for 30 seconds. This is to ensure hygiene.

-Please use a nipple brush when washing the nipple.

-Avoid direct sunlight or fire.

-Please replace the silicone parts every 2-3 months for sanitation issues.

-Please take extra care when microwave heating. Always stir heated food to ensure even heat distribution and test the temperature before serving.

-Straws are not suitable for a child under 6 months.

-Please read the information on the leaflet enclosed before use.


Weight0.116 kg
Dimensions10 × 7 × 18.8 cm

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48 reviews for Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+)

    Only bottle/ cup that my kid now uses. Love this product.
    Durable material, shatter proof.
    Charcoal looks so cool, will get another one!
    Hills mum
    Received shipment overnight, I’m a bit sensitive with smell so I carefully opened the package but the bottle has no smell at all, you can just rinse it and use it right away, I’m satisfied with shipping and the safe material, would highly recommend this website, their products are official and authentic!
    I bought charcoal and beige and really love the design, might come back again for the white one too. Great colours to choose from.
    I bought one Grosmimi straw cup and another brand, and I think Grosmimi has a much better design and quality, my baby can drink more with Grosmimi too, I would recommend this product to all moms.
    Bought the bottle set and brush, amazing products, feels like my whole cupboard of old cups can be thrown away now.
    The bottles are wonderful, definitely intend to order more.
    I have spent so much money on sippy cups, this is my favourite one! Doesn't ever leak! 5 stars for that! I have a baby who loves chewing the straw as a toy, but as I changed to stage 2 straw, it gets better and lasts longer, well done grosmimi!
    I was recommended to get one of this cup, then my baby can finish 180ml with grosmimi while only 120ml with his old cup(and always 20ml leftovers!!!), I’m thrilled with my purchase! No complaints if your kiddo can drink more by himself.
    Melbourne mom
    A brand I trust. This is the third bottle I have and I love it just like my girls, well made PPSU, easy to clean.
    The new color Pure Lavender looks really nice! already third bottle I got from Grosmimi, thank you.
    Easy flow and no leaking. -a happy customer from Tasmania.
    I can't say how much I love this bottle, I bought 2 pink, and they look terrific! Thank you for the nice packaging too
    Jing Hsu
    Finally found a bottle my daughter likes, she hates drinking water but she had quite a few sips from this straw cup today, I'm so happy!
    This straw cup is the best one I've ever bought, my toddler likes her pinky water cup, I wish I could buy this product in a shopping store, I don't wish to pay the shipping charge for the straw teat, any ideas?
    Faye Gri
    What you receive is definitely better than what you see on the website, I recommend you guys change the pictures, it's not yellow bottle, it's natural PPSU color, and no plastic smell, which I hate so much, I can use this Grosmimi directly after rinsing, but the last plastic bottle I bought from Amazon, I have to leave it for a week to get rid of the plastic smell, that one's going to the bin
    This bottle just looks so different! It's shiny like glass, I can feel the quality, I wonder why Asian people make all cute baby things! I love the blue cup, thank you for prompt delivery!
    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+) photo review
    Mother of two
    Definitely will get another color, my kid loves it!
    It’s large enough to hold enough water for a few hours drinking, easy to clean but you will have to find a straw brush somewhere else as they do not have the brush in stock atm, that’s frustrating.
    Super happy, received new straw cup with no cheap plastic smell, fast delivery, thank you Grosmimi.
    J Waston
    This is the only straw cup I found that can hold hot water, I’m not serving hot water to the baby but I prefer to use boiling water for sanitation. Some PP bottle said it’s ok, but not very convinced, PPSU is a trusted material, if you don’t have the ultraviolet light gadget, it’s safe to use boiled water. Another shining point about this product is the straw, the bigger the straw, the quicker to finish drinking, toddlers wouldn’t want a slow flow cup.
    Worth the extra money paid, best straw cup so far.
    I bought 2 of these cups thought it could be great for our toddler to keep one home for night formula and another one for daycare, but it turns out she can't open the cap on her own, even myself need to try a bit hard to open it, it's good for prevent leaks in your bag though, but not convenient for the baby to use it independently, so I deducted one star.
    Joaana L
    My last sippy cup was a choking hazard! The straw can't even last for 2 weeks, and I noticed the teat was broken and some of the silicone part was missing, could been swallowed already! I bought this pricey cup and hope it could make a difference!
    I have a lot of baby bottles at home, I have to replace the bottles after some while because even I hand wash them everyday, the bottle still stink, especially the stainless steel one, it has the milk stink smell and I can't get rid of forever... PPSU is better than any of them, no odor, easy to clean, it doesn't have many small parts to wash thoroughly, I do not prefer chemical I just use boiled water to wash, the stain goes away easily.
    I was looking for a sipper for my 20 months old and I found this website, this straw cup is basically spill proof, sometimes even you see the liquids come out of the air valve, just squeeze the little valve, very smart design, definitely recommend this straw cup.
    Love this brand, no nasty chemicals and super easy to clean.
    Mary L
    Handle is easy for the baby to hold, and I changed the tube to weighted straw, works even better, 5 stars for smooth ordering experience.
    I saw it on FB and ordered one, order arrived in time and wow, worth a try! Great quality, and child loves biting the silicone teat, loving this brand.
    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+) photo review
    Happy customer from TAS
    Successful transition to straw cup, I’m going to get another one for my nephew, no leaking, bottle looks crystal as glass, easy to clean
    Emily MM
    Finally a bottle works! My fussy baby has refused bbox, Munchkin, and even my DIY straw cup with the party straw, guess what, he didn’t even realize I put a straw cup in his mouth the first time and he started drinking, I think magic comes from the super super soft straw teat, great design! Easy for baby to fall in love with!
    Item arrived in perfect condition and ordering was very easy and straightforward. Unfortunately I was not satisfied with the delivery service as it took over a week and I have been waiting all day on the delivery date but the postman just took it to the post office and I had to pick it up the next day. I would suggest to use a different carrier for delivering your items.
    L Carter
    Never to worry this bottle gets broken, it won't, been tested many times at home, my son proved that.
    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+) photo review
    Everyday straw cup now, has thrown away the old one, which got stink no matter how hard I washed it, no issue whatsoever for this one.
    Excellent value, buying online is a doddle, just as described.
    Grace Yau
    Love everything about this bottle! I can use it in anyway I need to, by putting the straw tube attached on, the bub can hold it and without the tube she can finish her bottle when lying in my lap, the handle design is BRILLIANT! Handle can be freely turning around so the bottle can be moved to the correct position while you won't disturb the baby drinking, most importantly, no leaking by a single drop, if you need a straw cup to replace the traditional feeding bottle, take this one for your consideration.
    Unlike other two straw cups I bought, this is much easier for cleaning, no o-rings attached inside which is so much better, never leaking, no hidden mould, no odor after serving milk, fully recommended.
    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+) photo review
    Ella Loeng
    Stunning item and super fast delivery, my 2 year old daughter easily got rid of the feeding bottle after changing to Grosmimi straw cup without any fuss, highly recommended.
    Pricy than the ones you can get from woolies, but worth the money, this bottle lasts longer, would recommend.
    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+) photo review
    Cassie Janes
    The candy colors of Grosmimi are so hard to make a decision....I got a red and a gold brown, both are cute, one for milk one for water. Cons: the cap, would be better if the cap can stay on the bottle as it's easy to get lost
    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+) photo review
    Simone SSS
    Received order dispatching email the next day and order arrived 2 days later in Hills, prompt turnaround and well done Australian post
    Product arrived with top quality, surprised that this straw cup doesn’t leak, it’s quite easy for my little one year old to accept, and flow is smooth, she finishes 200ml formula in just few minutes, great product
    Grosmimi PPSU Straw Cup 300ml(6M+) photo review
    Leanne V
    I found this website online and ordered a green straw cup and a replacement pack, received products as described and the bub loves his new cup, worth the money, could have got something else for free shipping though.
    Camille L
    I bought a Aqua green straw cup and I just love it when I open the package, it's fast delivery to Queensland, the handle design is brilliant as you can easily turn the bottle around and let the baby finish all of the milk, he can also drink it at bedtime if I took the tube off, just brilliant design!
    Best straw cup ever!I have been trying different straw cups to help my daughter quit the baby feeding bottle, she resists to them and cried for her old nipple, I heard this brand is soft and with easy flow,so I bought one and it arrived quickly, my daughter just loves it! the red color looks amazing and material feels top quality, and the cup is easy to clean, definitely recommended!
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